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I have been hospitalized 3 times in the past 3 months for diverticulitis flare that won’t go away (post-vaccine). Usually, they go away with the antibiotics but because I was allergic to the vaccine, my inflammation levels are through the roof. I am a very healthy young woman and it didn’t make sense what was happening as I was listening to the doctors and eating what they said. (They told me low FIBER diet but they didn’t tell me vegetable oil was bad and no home remedies)

During my 3rd hospitalization, I was told that I needed half my colon removed as the inflammation wasn’t going away with the antibiotics and there was no other solution. I was absolutely distraught with this news as a young healthy woman of 35 years old. I was very depressed and sad and I created this TikTok video that went viral. I got a lot of comments and someone commented to look up DR. BERG and follow his guidelines for diverticulitis flares. I looked up a youtube video of 9 things to do when the colon was inflamed. I ordered every product, including the beef intestines with stomach, as soon as I got discharged, day 1, I started this routine.

My surgery was scheduled for next week. It is now canceled as I am healing and I am still on a very strict diet following Dr. Berg’s advice of no vegetable oils, no dairy, no gluten, lots of salmon, eggs, protein, wheatgrass juice powder every morning to heal the lining of the colon, bile salts, probiotics, everything is working. I am also doing reiki twice a week and acupuncture 3 times a week to work on my inflammation as I truly believe it is inflammation and not infection that won’t go away.

I am finally off the antibiotics for one week now and am not in the hospital so it is working. I now have Neurotherapy from the antibiotics and am currently treating that with infrared sauna which I just discovered yesterday, which has been so hard to find what works for you! I couldn’t feel my feet for a month.

Dr. Berg, thank you so much for that video, it saved me!! I am taking it day by day. I really hope that this continues. And I would love to connect with you. This has been a very tough journey for me. My family is also in Australia so I have been doing this all alone. My name is Natalie Mark. I am a celebrity stylist but I had to stop work to deal with my health. My TikTok is @diverticulitisfooddiary

Thank you again. Natalie Mark

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5264 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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