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By: Donnie R. Dale

Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 8-20-18, A1c was at 10. Was 204 lbs. on that date. Followed Dr. Berg and Butter Bob Briggs advice. Went on a high fat low/no carb diet. Sept.26, down to 184 lbs. and suger is staying from 109 to 118 so far. Also noticed that blood pressure has come down also, diastolic no. now staying in 60's, have not had that in 15 years. No meds now. Going to do labs in Jan. 2019, to check cholestrol, hoping for best. I am eating spinach, greens, green beans, and fried squash along with the fat diet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. As far as I am concerned, any other alternative to this diet is to terrible to even consider, if this diet will put me on the road to recovery, and it looks very promising. P.S. Am also taking B12 and Benfotiamine 600mg. daily. Please tell me I am doing what I need. I am 65 years old and very active, I have 2 new GREAT granddaughters, I would like to be around to see them grow up. I literally mean to SEE them. Thanks for listening.

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