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By: Shawn

Dec of 17 I started doing Keto. Weight of 245 at 5'6', 63 years young. Today as of Sept. 27, 2018 , the scales tells me I'm at 175, same height, 64 years younger. Pant size from 44 jeans , to a 35 jean (which I wore in high school) my wife bought me. My cousins hardly recognize me and many people at work have to take a double take to see if my position has been replaced by a "new" guy. Sorry no pics to show off, Keto works!!! My VA doc has taken me off of all HBP meds, My wife tells others that she has lost a third of her husband:) Thank You Dr. Berg for all the info, and yes I buy some of your products that I can't find locally. Lord Bless You. Shawn

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