In 2012 17th May i sustained heart attack - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: G Socrates

Dear Dr. How are you? I am from India. My story is: In 2012, 17th May, i sustained heart attack with 4 blocks,ie 99, 90, 60 and 40 percent of blocks after done of Angiogram. Doctor told me to put two stunts and i was informed to take medicines till the end of life. I was shocked. Till then I didn't have any knowledge of Virgin Coconut Oil. By god grace, i bought a book, Coconut Oil Miracle written by Dr.Bruce Fife,( . After reading i gained about the truth of VCO. Then i purchased the oil and consuming till now. Now i am very hale and healthy. Kind information that i am not consuming any unsaturated vigitable oil because if we heat that oil it will become toxic, So I don't. Further informing you that I didn't put a.nt stunts as well as never visit the doctor and not taking any medicines for coronary artery disease. I inform you that I am getting knowledge on my Heath by seeing only your videos. I am not related to health industry. Now i am 61. Thanks Dr. Blessings.

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