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Shibu Varghese Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Shibu Varghese

Dear Dr Eric Berg. Hi, I'm a 42 year old Software employee in Bangalore, India. In month of January 2019, i came across your videos. I decided to adopt some of these lifestyle changes as you had suggested. Below are results: --------------------------------------------------------------- Week 1- Week 5 ---------------------------------------------------------------- a) Started eating Ghee on a daily basis and Kale once in a week b) Began a very low carb (wheat or rice) diet. c) Stopped sugar and all refined products like cookies, chocolates, sweets. d) Rich in vegetables and protein (eggs, fish chicken). ------------------------------------------------------------------ RESULT AS OF 14TH FEB 2019: 1) Lost 5 kg WITHOUT any intermittent fasting. (85KG to 79 KG) 2) I used to have spondiliytis for over 8 years in my neck and shoulder, for which i had to do stretching exercises daily as prescribed by Physiotherapist. I could not lift weights for more than 10 min Ccarrying my 2year old daughter, or carrying my laptop bag while going to work for more than 10 -15 min would cause nagging pain.. It was like a Permanent damage on my neck. My abilities were very limited. I could not do pushups. THAT PAIN HAS VANISHED. IT HAS NEVER RETURNED. I CAN LIFT HEAVY OBJECTS FOR EXTENDED PERIODS AND ALSO DO PUSHUPS. THAT'S A MIRACLE. 3) My wife used to complain of bad body odour, in spite of me taking shower twice a day. I used to drink over 6 glasses of water, but produced very little result. Now according to my wife, there are no NO BAD BODY ODORS SINCE; even when I dont take shower for two days or even if sweat a lot, I dont stink. anymore. 4) I had deep cravings for Sprite, chocolate cookies, biscuits, chips during night time from 11pm onwards. I loved munching on these junk foods. It was difficult for me to break this habit of late night snacking of 3 years. I NO LONGER HAVE ANY DESIRE OR CRAVINGS. I'M CONTENT. I'M SAVING MONEY 5) I did not have the stamina to do repetitive tasks, like washing your own car. I would get tired very soon. Now I keep going on and on, like energizer bunny. I CAN DO REPETITIVE WORK FOR EXTENDED PERIODS IN ONE GO. I DON'T GET THE FEELING i'M TIRED. I CAN REST FOR FEW MINUTES AND CONTINUE. 6) I used to always have the problem of take deep breaths and I used to sigh a lot after climbing stairs or doing any small activity. My colleagues were well aware of it since I used to sigh frequently may be 8 times in an hour. They asked me recently, how come we DON'T HEAR YOU SIGH ANYMORE ? THATS TRUE, SIGHING STOPPED EVER SINCE. 7) When I used to work late nights with clients overseas, I used to doze off without realizing. I thought I was getting old. I used to get very drowsy. Now I dont DOZE OFF or DROP OFF when I'm in the middle of somework during late night hours. 8) Of course my belly has come down by few inches. Thank You Dr Eric Shibu Varghese

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