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By: Sonny

Dear Dr. Berg Thank you so much for the 1year+ of education and transformation of my overall health. You have changed me with your ketogenic lifestyle since October 2017. I have always admired a healthy and active lifestyle but never achieved the level that I want. Not yet, but getting there by 11 November 2019. This is my data: Name : Sonny Male, 53 years old Body fat : Before 26% Today: 9.9% (using the same equipment Tanita) Visceral fat: before 12% Today: 3% (same equipment Tanita) 12 minute run: never 2 days ago: 2.415 mt (2.415 km) Fitness level: before 39 Today: 51 - 55 (attached by using Fitbit) For your information, I have exercised a lot less in the last 2 years because of works but better health. Starting from July 8 I would exercised as programmed to achieve my target to run 2.8 km in 12 minutes or 1.6 km below 5 minutes and fitness level of 62 (currently 51-55 above). Thanks again. Keep up the good works. (I had problems in uploading some pics. If you do not receive them, let me know so I could resend them to your e-mail) Sonny Indonesia +62 81286181888

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