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By: Nina

Dear Dr.Berg, Thank you for the great information you shared on YouTube . I had learned a lot. I started keto diet 12 weeks ago. I lost a total of 7 lbs; I am fine with my weight now since i’am a petition Asian woman 5feet height weigh 94 lb at middle age. After being on keto for 12 weeks, I took blood test and I was shocked that my LDL increased to 216, it was 109 Before keto. My HDL is now 71 and it was 74 before keto. My triglycerides is now 67 and was 63 before keto. My thyroid is now 2.14 and was 1.02 before keto. My ALT is now 17 and was 12 before keto. The major change is my LDL and thyroid # is doubled! My total cholesterol now is 300. What should I do? I am doing lemon/kale smoothie, and apple cider vinegar and eating avocado everyday, maybe not enough vegetable, but I am already eating more vegetable after keto. Could you advise me what to do now? Thank you! Nina

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