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By: Solly L.

Dear Dr. Berg, Natural Apple Cider Vinegar: About six months ago I began suffering from a growing pain in my right hip joint. about two months ago I went to see my Orthopedist and he referred me for a Soft Tissue Ultrasound examination. The diagnostic of the test showed I had an inflamation of the Greater Trochanter/ Bursitis. The healing options that were offered to me by the doctor were either long rest, or Steroide injecting into the joint which I did not like this Idea at all..., Later I heard Dr Berg's lecture on uTube about the use of Organic, Unpasteurized and Uncluttered organic Apple vinegar, where In a brief note during the lecture, Dr. Berg said it could as well solve joint inflammation issues. Sure enough I liked this option better than Steroide injections... At this time I bought a bottle of Natural Apple Cider vinegar, as specified by the Dr and I started drinking this Elixir,,,, after about four weeks, I woke up one morning, stood up and there was no pain in the joint !!! the pain just wasn't there. Two days latter I already walked my track of 7 km's as I used to walk twice a week and for years. Hallelujah Dr. Berg !!! Unfortunately, Dr. Berg, a week later, last week, a massive necrosis of the joint was created so fast that the hospital Surgeons had to amputate my right leg, from the hip joint and down, yet they keep me on strong painkillers and It does not hurt alot. Dr. Berg, I'm joking of course,,, I still have my healthy original leg, it is still connected as from birth and there is no joint pain at all . ________________________ Thanks Alot Dr. Berg ! Solly Liberman Israel, My mobile phone # +972 52 2929 386 I am on WhatsApp with this #. Ho, one more thing, going to send you another success story, about Migraines.

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