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By: Teri Shahan

Dear Dr. Berg, My success story is a very short one thus far, but stunning to me nonetheless. In November 2017, I took my very last physician-prescribed narcotic medicine for anxiety. Since April 2017 my physician had been monitoring my weaning off these meds that I had been on for decades. For the first time in 20+ years I was taking no meds for anxiety. I fully believed that this was a very healthy move for me. However, I was left with a very, very uncomfortable combination of withdrawal symptoms as well as symptoms of anxiety. A friend of mine, Kathy, who eats only keto, told me she wondered if my symptoms were so extreme because of my diet, which at the time was just terrible. Carbs, carbs, carbs and comfort eating big time. Not to mention I am a 58 y/o post-menopausal female. I was hurting for certain, telling everyone I know that "I feel awful every minute of every day". And I did. But having been diagnosed with Celiac's by endoscopy 8 years before, I really did not want to make another major diet change. FINALLY, I got so desperate that I just "jumped off the keto bridge", having researched it about zero percent. I knew the basic premise or thought I did. Having little knowledge of the keto lifestyle, simply cutting out carbs and sugar, tracking my fat and protein, ONE week later I felt like a new person. Even without losing a single pound (and I definitely need to lose about forty) many areas of struggle, both physical and mental, were either gone or significantly improved: Blood sugar crashes, gone. Terrible night leg cramps, gone. Gastric reflux, gone. Dragging fatigue, gone. Brain fog, gone. Anxiety, significantly improved. Feeling awful every minute of every day, gone. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I still have not lost any weight in the 5+ weeks since I started keto, but I have been given my life back! Losing weight, when I figure out this keto lifestyle, will be the icing on the cake! Thank you, Dr. Berg, for your videos!

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