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By: Paolo Bresssanin

Dear Dr. Berg: My success is not only about losing subcutaneous weight but how to allocate food when I ride my bike, specifically how to use my own stored energy ( fat) and also never run out of electrolytes. I am 61 and retired, I cycle between 400 to 700 Km a week with rides over 200 km quite often and on my own with frequent hills, therefore keeping hydrated is indispensable and the method I have chosen is to ingest about 1/2 kg. of fruits high in potassium like kiwi,cantelope, pineapple and orange 15 to 20 min before the start of my ride and 2 hours after I had breakfast, usually 150 gr. of pasta with tomato and parsley. I never experience hunger as well as thirst even when temperature are near 30 deg C. After my ride I have the same amount fruits as before the ride adding 750 ml. of Gerolsteiner water and when I seat down for supper I have just a big salad with some smoked salmon or spinach and Swiss chard with lemon and butter. On the other hand when I don't ride, I start my day with 20 min. of floor exercises, then it's time for 2 avocado with blueberries and various nuts, to drink, I take a blend of green, roiboos and ginger teas with the juice of 1 lemon ( no sugar) and some whipping cream. For lunch there are 2 eggs, 1 big salad with tomato and red onion dressed with salt, olive oil and apple cider vinegar followed with some prosciutto, 1 bocconcino (mozzarella), some green, black olives, tuna or smoked salmon. For supper sometime I have salmon ( wild) with various vegetable or only veggies ( I alternate green leafy with cruciferous and or legumes salad. I have wine ( 1 small glass ) only when I do not ride, otherwise only Gerolsteiner water. As you can see there is no trace of carbs other than for breakfast and when I ride, as a result I went from 78 kg. to 67 kg. in 3 months, climb like a demon and riders of my age just cannot believe how I never eat or drink during the rides and never get dehydrated; well, you know why. Your videos are superb! If I could make a suggestion, take my story and differentiate individuals who are athletes from sedentary people and the reason behind it is how athleticism is an indispensable part for a long term healthy diet that include interval training as well as lots of sunshine, summer and winter. Thank you so very much Dr. Berg

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