I lost a lot now I need an advise why I'm plateau


By: Mohamed Adli

Dear Dr. Berg, my name is Mohamad Adli, I am 48 years old, one of the fans and followers of you on your YouTube channel, and the practitioners of your method of following the keto diet and lifestyle and Intermittent Fasting, following the keto method to protect against diabetes and to lose weight, if you allow me I have a question which is that I have been on the keto diet since About 3 months, with an emphasis on food quantities and a fluctuation of carbohydrates, not exceeding 25g, and fats and protein with intermittent fasting from 12 to 16 hours, and the results were in the first two months a loss of about 15 kg, but in the third month, weight was proven with a feeling of fatigue and lack of activity and in measurements with Nothing has changed since the beginning, in the food, the proportion of vegetables, etc., and I wanted you to do what you would advise me and what are the reasons I wonder. With my sincere respect, thanks and appreciation. Notee that my height is 200 cm and my current weight is 135 kg, and I started the system from a weight of 152 kg. Best regards

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