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I would consider myself as an educated person - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Abdullah

Dear Dr Berg, I would consider myself as an educated person. I know a lot about healthy food and plants. But, you changed my life. I think your uniqueness is in the fact that you bring to us knowledge that is normally given to high end individuals by high end experts because I've visited many consultants and their effect on me we're minimal.. Are you surprised? I'm not. Because since I started followong your advices, I'm seeing how some of your solutions work to an insane level. I trusted you with the 16 hours diet, and the results were fantastic and I hated every doctor who gave me their classic weight loss advices. Also, I trusted you with apple cider vinegar and the results were amazing on weight loss and heart-burn as well as GERD. I trusted you with many additional advices and you are always a hope in giving people creative and fantastic ideas to complicated medical issues. Please don't u underestimate the level of knowledge that you are providing to us not to mention the effect itself. Please keep your research habits because they work and they provide solutions to a lot of people. I highly suggest you to focus on diseases that have no cure and to provide advices to people to lower them. I know a lot of people who are very desperate and would look for an idea to reduce the effect of a disease on them. Also, you will need an excellent marketing team because your materials are still largely underappreciated. I deeply respect you because you are a critical researcher with legit and solid advices without being too materialistic. I wish there is a way for me to thank you other than words. But, I would suggest you to subscribe to one of those online platforms that let people like me pay (optional) for the information and gold advices that we get from you. I wish you, your family and your kids a happy, prosperous and healthy life. And thank you again for all of what you do and we expect more and more.

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