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By: Miss

Dear Dr.Berg, I send you my strory yesterday and I wanted to add a side note to it. I didn't realize that when I lived at my mothers house, I was following a keto diet. My mother always used to make meals with lean meat or fish and a lot of vegetables.The times she used little portion of carbs was maybe 3 times a week.Tok be sure we get all the nutrients as a kid. When I first lived by myself I also ate this way.Except on Sundays. When I got pregnant the first time things cvhanged.That was the time I moved in at my husbands house and he kind of introduced me to a new diet. I really don' t blame him.This was how they ate at his parents house. That time, I didn't know there was a name for this keto 'thing' but looking back now, I can tell my mother did a very good Job! Not to mention her whisperings in my ear when she was not even with me..'if you take more potatoes you have to fill your whole plate with vegetables again!' With kind regards, A happy keto mama.

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