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By: Juan "Phill" Calle

Dear Dr. Berg, I'm early in my success, so I'll reach out to you again, but even in these early stages, my life has changed 100%. My success story starts with my failure story. I am 47 years old, and I believe that I have been Fat Storing Hormone-resistant for a long time. I call it a failure story because I thought that my inability to keep weight off was a personal failure. I also had a hard time concentrating, and I never felt energetic for any length of time.. January 2018, I decided to change my lifestyle. I knew I was dangerously overweight at 285 lbs on a 5'10" frame. So I stopped eating fast food and began to eat a salad or other vegetables with every meal. This is certainly a good idea, but I knew nothing about keto or Fat Storing Hormone-resistance, so I was still eating lots of carbs and not getting any better. I was beginning to experience symptoms I had never felt. I always snored, but now I was waking my wife up, and she was scared due to some terrible snoring in which I simply stopped breathing -- sleep apnea. I had ED. I was so ashamed. My wife is such a lovely, sexual person, and I couldn't get it up. I am so grateful that she has never judged me for my weight. That lack of judgment made it possible for me to go the doctor. When I would wake up even a year ago, I had a spring in my step. Now I felt like a bag of rocks waking up, shaking off the dust. I went to the doctor a month ago. My BP was 185 /115. My doctor prescribed some blood pressure meds and, by the way, no big deal Mr. Calle, but just start taking this low-dose baby aspirin. I now know that my BP was dangerously high, and I can now see the humor in my doctor's practiced, casual approach--he didn't want to scare me into a heart attack or stroke. The meds I took, unlike the later diuretic BP med he also prescribed (and took me off of), made me feel great within a couple of days of taking them. I hope you do a video on getting to the doctor in the first place, and on how BP meds can make you feel better. In my case, they were key to my success since they lifted the "brain fog" I had been feeling due to my high BP. I eventually want to get off them, of course, but so far, they have done me a world of good. After taking those BP meds, I read my doctor's book. He's not a great writer, but he hammered home a few key points: Stop eating bread, pasta, potatoes, sugar, etc...He did not suggest a low-carb diet. He instead suggested eating more beans. I could avoid those carbs but I got tired of beans, so I looked up other diets that avoided those bad foods, and I found the keto diet and Dr. Berg among other Youtubers. I started it almost immediately, and I loved it. I did not experience the keto flu as many others have, and I wonder if it is because I had improved my diet earlier by not eating fast food and eating a salad with every meal, even while I still ate carbs. Regardless, I found it easy to stick to the diet, and for that, I was grateful. I also found it easy to intermittently fast, and I now only eat two meals a day, no snacks. I do have some advice for beginners like myself, and perhaps you will address on future shows: 1. Figure out what 7-10 cups of non-starchy vegetables means and how you can eat that much. It's not always easy, Dr. Berg! I make smoothies sometimes, and other times, I lightly saute spinach or other leafy greens, and other times, I simply eat a large salad. 2. Forgive yourself if you mess up and don't reach 7 cups of veggies in one day. 3. If you intermittently fast, as I do, get used to only eating 14 meals a week (or less, for some folks). If you eat out with friends, family, and co-workers, this could easily become 7-10 meals at home. You will simply need less food. 4. Figure out what odd new foods you need, buy them, and eat them with your first meal so you don't forget about them. For instance, I now add nutritional yeast, chia seeds, and seaweed to my initial meal of the day. 5. Keep loose track of your macronutrients: Fat, protein, and carbs. In the my first meal, for instance, since I'm having nutritional yeast and chia seeds, I only need a little more protein, or none at all if I make that protein up at dinner. Similarly, since I want to lose weight, I only eat enough fat to satisfy me. Obviously, keep carbs super low. 6. If you're lucky, like me, all of this will be easy. I only miss corn chips (for salsa & guacomole) and sushi rice, for sushi. If you know of decent low carb substitutes, Iet me know. But even missing those two carbs is not a matter of desperation. I just feel a bit wistful, and I can brush that feeling aside easily. So this is what early success feels like: 1. I'm energetic. 2. I have more willpower. 3. I can concentrate much better. 4. I'm exercising moderately (bike riding 30 minutes per day). 5. I have lost 20 lbs. 6. With meds, diet, and exercise, my BP is now normal. 7. I wake up well. 8. My snoring has improved. 9. My ED has improved. For my success, I thank you, Dr. Berg and a couple of other Youtubers. Your advice saved not only my life but also my quality of life. I thank you sincerely, Juan "Phill" Calle

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