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By: Madhu G

Dear Dr. Berg I am Madhu from Bangalore, India. One my my friends told me that fasting helps reduce weight. I searched for it in youtube and found your channel and Jason Fung. From that moment onwards I watched so many videos done by you. Read the book "The complete guide to fasting" written by Fung. Understood the concepts of intermittent fasting and LCHF diet. I followed 17-7 principle. My feeding window is 1pm to 8PM. two big meals and healthy snacks at 4 PM. I did not restrict calories but instead ate healthy. Reduced carbs, Ate lot of fruits, veg salads, fats and protein. in 6 months time I reduced 10KGs. From 75 KGs to 65 KGs. Fat reduced from 27% to 22%. Visceral fat reduced from 11 to 7. Body age came down to 38 from 48. Triglycerides came down 58 from 109. Thank you and Fung.

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