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By: Miss

Dear Dr.Berg, First of all I want to thank you for all your supporting and well explained video's. For different reasons I like to remain anonymous. My whole life(I am 32 now) I had an normal posture.I ate a lot bu I was moving also very much every day. 14 km.cycling,horse riding everyday and 2 times a week danceclasses. After I graduated from school and I didn't had to cycle that much and also quit with horse riding, I expected to get really fat.To say at that way..But this didn' t happen luckily.Until....I got pregnant, and moved in with my husband..All those years i think about 10,11 maybe 12 I was getting bigger and bigger and my nood really chances! I remember that when I looked around me, alot of people didn't get hungry that fast. I Tried everything to lose weight and most important of all change my moodswings, so I decided to eat only when I was hungry....Unforunately I was hungry all the time and got really aggressive when I didn't get my food in a fingersnap.I looked like junk and a kind of way.Poor me. So,I kept eating and eating and eating.My body was always happy when I ate,but for a short period of time.I couldn't go longer than 4 hours between meals and than I also had to snack inbetween these 4 hours. But..since a week ago a girlfriend of me told me about this ketosis diet.At first I was skeptical.I tried everyting so why would this work? I thought I should give it at try.We do this together but the difference is that, she does it a couple of days a week.I decided to go cold turkey.As I now what works best for my body in general. I will tell you what happened the first week.It is almost at its end now but I see big changes from what I think is due to this diet. Day 1: I eat a lot of fats,which I am a big fan of, so that didn' t change that much to my body and digestion.The difference is that I ate a lot of carbs in the past.So I was skeptical if all this fat was going to work. I didn't take a snack this day.Althought I still thought about it. AlOT.I ate 3 times this day. Day2: I ate 3 times this day as well but I felt invincible.Like a ghost..I felt lightheaded as well and started shaking a lot.This must be due to my body who was asking for more sugars. But, I decided to stay strong and I was sure there had to be a remedy for this (the lightheadedness)so I searched on internet and found out that I had to increase my minerals and vegetable intake.I started with the salt water drinks every morning,followed by a normall glass of water and a lot of vegetables during the day. Day 3: I felt okay, to point out that I was not lightheaded anymore but something strange happened.I felt sick.Like when you get the feeling you will gonna be sick whithin 3 days. After a couple of hours I started to sweat a lot..I mean..A LOT. After this, I was so tired, I decided to get a BIG sleep.Yes, this changed also. Always thought it was my husbands snoring what kept me awake. Was I wrong! Day 4: I woke up feeling really fit and ready to go.This is a feeling I never had,might be due my alphathallasemia.(I am not claiming that this diet especially helps for everyone if you have this condition.) And than I realised I ate just 2 times the day before.Whithout being hungry. This might change when our holiday is over and I have to wake up at 06.00 am. and be more physic with my job. We'll see. Day 5: I decided to make a healthy but also really important a yummy snack with low carbs, because that day I would be going on my way to a concert and was bot sure how long I wasn't able to eat. By lunchtime I got really hungry so I decided to take my snack right after my lunch.As a desert.This way, I still could eat my snack wihtout being it a snack..if this made sense.I really never knew that snacking was not beneficial for my goals.I learned it was healthy to eat 5 small meals a day.But they didn't told me about the increasing Fat Storing Hormonee.Everytime I eat. Day 6: I ate a normal size breakfast at 09:00 a.m and wasn't hungry at all during the day. I ate a small snack as a lunch. 13:00 p.m.This is something I find really difficult. Not eating when you're not hungry but you still have to be a rolemodel for your children.In our family, we eat when we are hungry.but this doesn't work at school where they have set times for lunches. So I decided to eat that little as if it was a snack.Hungry started to kick in at 18:30.Than I ate my dinner meal. And day 7 has yet to come. My side effect were: - lightheadedness/ghostfeeling.Don't know the correct word for this. - shakiness -flu like symptoms Benefits: -not thinking about food everytime -not hungry that much -sleeping very deep - although I still have a belly I do have a smaller waistline now. -no more moodswings -no obstipation -going to the shop for groceries whitout writing everyting out.I remember things easier. I hope I will be able to stuck with this diet when I am in front of a class with children.Were I have to eat with them. Sorry for my English.I live in the Netherlands. Thanks for al your help! With kind regars, A very happy keto mama. P.s I don't have any keto before and after pictures because I just started.

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