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By: Mrs Chavalai Trousdale

Coconut oil helps me get rid of fungal infection in my throat. The first day I ate 2 tablespoonful of it and rub another 2over my scalp and skin all over my body. The next morning I cough the phlegm out. It looked like a lump with opaque solid white. Usually it was clear sticky. I knew immediately I was infected with mould or fungle germs from those molded green grape from a hotel food. My symthoms improved to normal when I did that regularly. For the past 2 months of February and March I finished 2litres of the extra virgin coconut oil,I have felt a reversing aging effects. I was so unwell and coughing too frequently for over 3weeks and voice changed, and I gave in to buy antibiotics at the last help but to no avail. I succeeded when I got back to take coconut oil. I forgot many things I learned when I was in that weird crisis of high temperature.

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