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Carnivore diet for autoimmune, methane SIBO, tick-borne illness


One of your videos mentioned doing the carnivore diet for gut/autoimmune issues. I developed methane-type SIBO in 2008 due to birth control I took for less than 2 months. I was already dealing with subtle symptoms from tick-borne illness that conventional medicine told me was nothing. I tested negative for Lyme twice. Since then, I've been on a long journey and down deep rabbit holes to get healthy again. I last saw a functional medicine doctor who took thorough tests and finally told me what was wrong with me. Previous to that, I was diagnosed with IBS, fibromyalgia, "lack of fiber" (total BS because fiber made the SIBO worse, even though I drank a LOT of water), "chronic pain," pre-tendonitis, or "see a psychologist." I refused many of their suggested treatments because I knew they would only cause more harm (eg, pain medication). Treatment from the functional med Dr. was helpful. I was put on different diets and ate few carbs, given multiple supplements, but after a year and a half of only some improvement, I took the carnivore advice; First from you, then did a ton of my own research, also started following others' advice, and that has helped me more than anything by FAR! I wanted to be sure I did it correctly, so ordered organ pills and made sure I was eating enough fat. Intermittent fasting is also part of my regimen. I went full carnivore for 60+ days, then slowly added stone fruit, pickles, olives, and I'll try squash and pumpkin come fall, but well-sourced meat and fat are the main parts of my diet. I'm pretty much no longer bloated, my energy is better, my skin is better and eczema has cleared, my eyes are clearer, I sleep better, depression is GONE (I've suffered from that for years), inflammation has subsided, and I just feel so much better in general. Thank you! Lots of helpful information on understanding illnesses, cell function, organ function, and microbes. Once you better understand how your body functions, it's clearer what path you need to take.

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4727 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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