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By: Elvira woods

Being alive. It having pancreatitis. Being able to eat fat again without having to go into hospital with pancreatitis. My reason to write to you is this, For three years all I have been able to eat without any aches and pains was watermelon and mangoes and drink home made fresh celery juice needless to say that input on 20 kilos. I had two days of eating bacon, eggs, kale, broccoli, coliflower nuts, butter, natural yogurt, and immediately I got dark patches around the eyes, but no pain or discomfort only a mild headache. Given my history of pancreatitis (caused by biliary duct reconstruction not alcohol abuse, I don't consume alcohol) would it be wish to consume so much Fat? The pancreatitis is caused by the narrowing of the pancreatic tub, I now have a stent which is been changed every six month. I have not had any problem with pancreas since the pancreas has been supported with the stent. I know the best for my pancreas is fast, and I have. Fasted many times for two three four five days. I a minha confident I'll becoming to two meal a day in a very short time. I just need your expert opinion. Is it wish for me to have high fat content meals. What should I eat please? Thank you for being there. Elvira London UK Images before sickness after sickness, sorry my dad and son are on the image.

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