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By: Melanie Barcelos

Before starting keto May 2018 I was considered overweight I am 5'3" and I weighed approximately 157 lb. I was already seeing a gastroenterologist and had my very first colonoscopy at 37 years old because of extreme bloating, pain, fatigue, irregular bowel movements, etc... with a family history of colon cancer on both sides of my family leading to two important women in my life, a grandmother and a cousin deceased in their 50s. I knew I needed a change. I have tried every diet under the sun and failed at it. In combination with the bloating and abdominal issues I also have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, prescribed meds for that too. My menstrual cycle was arriving with a vengeance twice a month super heavy to the point that I needed internal ultrasounds to figure out what was going on with me which resulted in inconclusive data. Also back in 2015, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease which got treated fairly quickly thank goodness...however I am left with joint pain and headaches memory loss that kind of stuff that I contribute to the Lyme disease because I didn't feel those symptoms as severe until the time I was diagnosed with Lyme. I came across keto articles and was interested in some of the keto success stories I investigated, I read...a lot, I gathered everything I needed to jump right into it. Now onto the good stuff..... Since May 1st 2018 I lost 23 pounds my bloating is completely gone I haven't had a flat stomach like this in years. I wake up every morning with such mental Clarity it feels like magic. I'm off my depression anxiety meds because I do not need them. My joint pain, headaches, muscle cramps, gone! there's no way that this is a placebo effect because I have tried every diet under the sun as I said before, and none of them worked...... keto works! I'm never looking back, I value my life, therefore keto is a lifestyle not a diet.

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