Looking forward for another 72 years of THE KETOGENIC DIET (FATTY-PROTEIN WAY OF EATING).

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By: K Sidharth

Before Image (Picture Date - 21/03/2019) - 112 kgs (247 lbs) with 34.6% Body Fat and Skeletal Muscle Mass at 41%. After Image (Picture Date - 29/02/2020) - 89 kgs (196.2 lbs) with 14.6% Body Fat and Skeletal Muscle Mass at 45.3%. Though I used to workout from very long, I was just a big strong dude but with lots of Belly Fat. I used to be a major Carb Eater. I always wanted Carbs in every meal I ate: Rice, Cereals, Pasta, Bread, Grains and all I used to consume. I always struggled with Sugar Cravings. I desperately needed something sugary right after a meal. Weekends I used to binge on Chocolates, Ice Creams, Cakes and all kinds of Sugary Desserts. Everybody just said I need to control my sugar cravings and even I knew that but no one ever told me HOW. I tried so hard for many years without any result. Finally I had to give into my sugar cravings and started to accept that this is what my life is gonna be. I was mentally exhausted and I was going no where in my life too. Last year I attended K11 School Of Fitness Sciences. The Best Fitness School in India which has the Best Nutrition Course in the World. They taught me everything about The Ketogenic Diet (Fatty-Protein Way Of Eating). I didn’t start the Keto Diet for weight loss. I started it to get a control on my eating habits and get a grip over my life. One year done, not even once I ate Chocolates, Cakes, Rice, Bread, Pasta, Noodles, Cereals, Grains and Sugary Desserts. The initial 1 month I did crave for Carbs but as days passed by I don’t crave them at all. Even though I’m hungry now and there’s a bowl of ice cream in front of me, my brain doesn’t start to go places. I only crave for THE KETO FOOD. Dr. Eric Berg. Sir, your videos and very simple way of explaining the science about Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting has changed everything for me. It has changed my life for good. Thanks a lot for everything Doctor. I am grateful to have started the THE KETOGENIC DIET. It has turned my life around. For the first time in 28 years of my life I know what I’m supposed to eat and I have a firm grip over my Eating Habits. I am at peace now when it comes to Food. Looking forward for another 72 years of THE KETOGENIC DIET (FATTY-PROTEIN WAY OF EATING). Instagram - get.fit.with.sid

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