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Anthony Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Anthony

August 19th 2018, I had been living in Canada for 14 yrs, originally from the uk. Always feeling tired and eating horrible amounts of sugar, I had been looking for a change but didn’t know how to start a successful journey. I spent about a month prior to August 19th watching Dr Berg’s YouTube videos and making notes (like the good little engineer I am). My first 3 days of Keto were the worst detox pain I experienced. Shaking, sweating, and blinding headaches. After the 3 days I experienced no hunger pains or detox pains and found I could fast and experience amazing feelings of energy. In an 8 week period I managed to drop 30lbs. This really is thanks to Dr Berg’s videos and delivery of the comprehensive research undertaken by him.

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