At the moment I am 80.5 kg. My waste line have gone down to 32 inches

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By: Robert

Hi, Dr. Berg. Greetings from Thailand. I am 44 years of age, 175 cm tall, and have weighed 95 kg with a waste line of 36 inches for the past 10 years. I had back pain, was weak in the knees due to being overweight. Because of your videos on YouTube, I’ve taken up IF, have gone low sugar, low carbs, and no filler foods, I.e. rice, and I fast for 23 hours and only eat one meal a day in the 24th hour. It has been a year now since I’ve started IF. At the moment I am 80.5 kg. My waste line has gone down to 32 inches, quit smoking at the same time. In return, I have more energy than I ever had before. My knees don’t ache, my back is doing well. And people say, I look younger than before. So with this, I have coached a bit over ten people and they too have lost weight and feel much more active and healthier. Thank you for your videos and I will try my best to translate them for my Thai friends. There isn’t much knowledge about nutrition, especially about IF, though Thai Buddhist monks do practice it. Lastly, I wish you health and wealth, and may you knowledge spread wide and help those who need it most. Respectfully Yours, Robert

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