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By: Diyar Nazar

At first i did low fat diet with alot of fat burning pills , i lost weight in the most unhealthy way (now i know that) , i lost 10 kg on that plan , then i found out about keto and intermittent fasting and OMAD , and fasting , i lost 31 kg's on this one , dry fasting was the fastest in burning fat , i burn 1 kg of fat in one day , i even burn 2 kg of fat in one day , i think its from dead cells and poisons and fat cells , im now fasting , im on my 6th day of fasting , i did 3 days of dry fasting at the start , then the 4th day was water fasting , then 5th and 6th is dry fasting , will do the 7th day a dry fasting too , my plan is to do three dry fasting then 1 day water fasting , then repeat 3 dry 1 water , till i burn all my fat , i want to see my 6packs , I won't stop rill i see it .

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