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Paul Garner Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Paul Garner

At Christmas I was the highest I had ever reached with my weight, 126.1kg. I had some bloodwork done on the 6th December and all the cholesterol numbers were going up and out of normal ranges. I had read somewhere about Keto on reddit and decided to check it out, read The Obesity Code and then looked it up on YouTube and found the Dr Berg videos. On Dec 26th having watched hours of your videos I embarked on a Keto lifestyle. Within a week I'd lost 7kg - my scales asked if I needed to weigh again as the numbers were so far apart! I kept going and found it so easy to stick to. I started with 3 meals a day, having eggs and cheese for breakfast. Then it changed to being a bulletproof coffee and two meals, then my coffee and one meal, and then to one meal a day. I am now at the start of April and weighing in at 96.6kg. (A 65lb loss for Americans). In March I had my bloodwork done again and it was a stark contrast to December with nearly all results green. Triglycerides dropped from 5.59 to 1.25. Alanine Transferase went from 63.1 to 27.7. I also now need new glasses as my eyesight has improved!! Exercise has been DDP Yoga 3/4 times a week for 30 minutes or so, along with badminton 1/2 a week.

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