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By: Derek Osborn

At 78 at 161pounds, and after 65 years of yoga, running, gym, and a healthy lifestyle, diet etc. six weeks ago I had a ‘funny turn’ feeling rather dizzy and disorientated. As a precaution I was taken into hospital for emergency care. Immediately I was diagnosed with a TIA and left 24 hours later with life long blood thinner and Ezetimibe medication. No signs of a TIA were found after brain scans and carotid Doppler ultra scan. Blood pressure and heart beat were good. Cholesterol was at a ratio of 5.8 with a good level of help. (This was the same level as about 20 years ago when it varied between that and 4.5) There was certainly no question that the docs wanted me on the drugs Favouring a naturopathic approach to my health I have lived more or less drugs free for over 40 years. I am now avoiding alcohol (previously 1-2 glasses of red wine with meals 4-5 days per week), and late evening snacks. My weight has gone down 5 pounds. I am now getting some blood blistering under the skin on hand and face, and question the desirability of cholesterol intestinal blocking Ezetrimibe. I will discuss these concerns with my doctor (UK), but in the meantime will continue my on line research. I find your videos clear and rationally informative. Thanks

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