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Marcello Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Marcello

As of October 30th 2018 I've been in keto diet for one year. I've done the one meal a day for like 7 months till I reached my goal. My starting weight was 246 pounds ( way too much for a 5'8" guy), and after 7 month I went down to 176 pounds. By the 8th month I started doing weight training, the after pic attached was taken on the 10th month (2 months worse of training 3 times a day doing a typical split training) I observed that my lowest wait maintained the same at 176 lbs but my body composition changed drastically. Now my body weight is at 184 pounds but I'm more musclelar that in my 20s. By the way I'm at 45 years of edge. I can tell that my hormones level are up to the roof. Can work out hard(sometimes fasted for 23 hrs and training a full body high intensity 3 times a week), build muscle at 45 years, Now I do keto and 16/8 some other days 20/4 and probably once a week OMAD. Will try to post actual pics, I'm more vascular and carry more muscle than the old pic attached

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