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By: Noor ullah rajah

Around nine month ago I was over weight 120kg. I was always getting sick had memories and suffered from extreme gerd(anything I ate cause acid reflux). I went to doctors and they kept giving me antacids which will give relief but the gerd would come back twice as bad and burning got worse. The doctors told me I needed to be on anti acids all my life. I was only 32 and was getting depressed that I needed to take medicine all my life. But then when everything was getting worse I came across your video about acid reflux explaining that it's not too much acid that causes this but too little and you recommended apple cider vinagar to restore stomach acids I then tried this even tho there was a lot of ney sayers, I still felt right about the advice from your video. With in a week I notice a change in the gerd I was not getting it as much and only certain foods would trigger it. So then I started watching your videos everyday and I would listen take notes and then impliment the advice with my life after a month of diet change I noticed I got a bit slim and checked on weights I was 110kg in weight after that I started to record my progress with pictures. I was watching your videos all the time and starting doing IF 16/8 and exercising every morning at 5.30 PM 8 months later I dropped down to 75kg which was wonderful but the main thing is i felt good i wanst getting gerd anymore and wasnt feeling sick and tired all the time. My haemorrhoids stop bleeding I was starting to go away i finally felt healthy in my life positive. My diet stays the same fresh veg, lean meats and healthy fats all organic if possible. After this I made a facebook page just so I can follow you and share your videos. thanks for everything and I will always stay tuned. The while world needs to know about Dr Eric Berg

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