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By: Barb Bachmeier

April 1 st 2019 I weighed 180 pounds (I am 5’9). I ran marathons up until I was 48 years old. When I quit running because of the toll it was taking on my aging body I gained weight. I tried weight watchers, nutrasystem and a plethora of other diets. My girlfriend went on paleo and had success which made me start looking into keto. I had a group of friends that also started keto with me. I was strict keto and have now made it a lifestyle. I intermittent fast as well. It has been three months and I have lost 30 pounds. I no longer crave the pasta and breads that were my biggest downfall. A belt that I was barely able to wear in March is now on the last notch. I have lost over 6” in my waist and I feel so much healthier. I used to wake up twice a night to go to the bathroom. I now sleep straight through even though I drink a boat load of water. This life style is the only one that has shown me results.

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