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And today, at my 3rd month keto journey life. I lost 66lbs. From 242 to 176lbs.

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By: Kevin S.

Hello, I'm Kevin. 23 yrs old. Filipino. 1 year ago, I was on a stage where food and junk were like a magnet in my body. It feels like I can't resist them all. Especially in my country, where rice is everywhere and people is like can't live without it. I feel miserable looking at the scale reaching that weight first time in my life to be that heavy. My weight was 242lbs. So after that year, last January 27, 2018, I was browsing the internet looking for something factful which is the KETO diet and watching videos. That night I was enlightened. It liked it gives a sudden boost of motivation, to not try it. But to the lifestyle it. I gave up everything that is crap. SWEETS, SODA, COFFEE (CAFFEINE), BREAD, and EVEN RICE which my body grew up with it. All the sweets and carbs. I gave it up on the first day of my keto journey. That's how that sudden boost of motivation hits me. So for me, success is not about the diet, it's about making it a LIFESTYLE. It's about yourself, How committed, and how disciplined you are. And today, at my 3rd-month keto journey life. I lost 66lbs. From 242 to 176lbs.

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