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By: Hiwot

All my life, i was the extremely skinny girl and as of 9 years ago, I started putting on weight at unbelievable pace. I had not drastically changed my life style but it kept on piling. I was never a food lover or never overate but I just couldn't figure out what was happening to my body. This went on for 9 years until a friend told me about Keto and your channel. I studied the science and retraced my steps and discovered that just like everyone around me, I was doing the wrong things to lose weight. I gave up any type of fat, stocked up on carbohydrates and ate a lot of fruits. Once I watched (practically every video you ever put on YouTube) and started Keto, the weight started melting off me. I lost 12kg in three months and started promoting this life style to my 175,000 followers on Facebook (I am a semi-famous blogger in Ethiopia). Now, not only have I changed my own life and feel like myself after so many years. the people I introduced to Keto have lost a total of 89kgs so far. Thank you, Dr Berg. Thank you so much!

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