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By: Anita

All I can say is I struggled with my weight for so long mostly food my whole life, binging overeating emotional eating. Dieting you name it the weight would not come off no matter what I did. I was so addicted to carbs no matter how little I ate the weight would not come off... i more or less stumbled on Keto but I was courious,, I did a ton of reading and listening to your videos yup I was a sugar burner with a capital S all the symptoms fit Joint pain bloating depression omg it was me I started Keto Aug 1 2017 I have lost 30 lbs so far I have more to go but I feel so much better and now that I am intermittent fasting I am seeing so much more benifits it's amazing I have so many questions for you Doc Berg and Sunday I hope I can get them to you

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