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By: Mark Rowland

Aged 34, a workmate reversed a truck across the path of my motorcycle. The result was severe and extensive mussel-crush and release of potassium. This was not then treated so my mind was severely affected. The significance of this loss was not seen as significant by any of the ten doctors I attender over the following 30 years.I discovered the condition myself and was able to treat it with Lite Salt, A locally sold substitute for sodium chloride. It was half potassium chloride, half sodium.. I found no dosage information and took an amount based on that usually applied to a meal. This improved mt condition such that I could manage most of my affairs. Dr. Berg's talk on this condition guided me to develop a clinical dose for my body which is heavily muscled, athletic, six foot eight and 120 kilograms. I always enjoyed working athletically and received the rewards of one who did four times the work of most others. At the time of the accident, now some thirty years ago, I relocated from the cool south Island of New Zealand to tropical Australia. I told all my doctors that I might drink some 15 Liters of water some days. Not one doctor saw my need of supplements of electrolytes. Thank you for your information. This all cost me my investments,my business,my family, my health, my reputation, my intelligence and about 200 million dollars. At 65 years I am now determined to fight on. As for before and after pictures, the 30 years rebuts that but I am often taken to be a fifty year old.

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