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By: Doyle Farnsworth

Age 69 For years I never paid attention to a healthy diet. I felt great. Began having neuropathy in my feet and excessive thirst and urination. In early August 2018 I went to see my Dr to find a "fix" for the symptoms. Blood test showed glucose level at 475 and A1c at 15.0. I was prescribed Metformin, to get diet counseling and return in a month for more lab work. I went online and found you and a couple of other Drs who promote a Keto diet. It made sense, much more sense than the ADA recommendations. After 2 weeks on the diet, I started checking blood glucose levels daily. They have been mostly is the range of 80 to 120 since I began testing. Average reading over the last 6 months has been 100.. I started checking ketones after 6 weeks on my Keto diet. My 1st ketone reading was 3.1 then mostly between the 2's and 4's for a couple of months. The high was 4.6. Since then they have settled to between 0.4 and 1.5. My 2nd lab work, early September 2018, had my A1c at 11.0. I had lost 10 lbs. Dr. requested I stay on the Metformin, 1 pill/day, for 1 more month. My 3rd lab work, mid November 2018, had my A1c at 6.6. I stopped taking the Metformin after 2 months on it. I had lost an additional 14 lbs. My 4th lab work, mid February 2019, had my A1c at 5.6. I had lost a total of 30 lbs by 3 months on a Keto diet and have maintained that new weight for the last 3 months. I began intermittent fasting in September 2018 and occasionally did a 2 and 3 day fast. I now eat 1 meal per day and for a 2nd meal I have a cup of bone broth with nutritional yeast. Excersize had no effect on my results as I have done very little.

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