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By: Jenna

Age 39 Weight 128 Height 5-4 Wake up lemon water Then one cup coffee stevia At two pm one coffee mat oil with two Tsp heavy whipping cream grass fed with stevia 2eggs with 2cups spinach in olive oil 1tblsp and sometimes two PCs grass fed and organic bacon psyllium husk waffle with one teaspoon almond flour and one tap apple cider vinegar one tablespoon grass fed butter and one teaspoon organic almond butter I use nutritional yeast on eggs and half avacado Supplents: cod liver oil by Carlson,b vitamins, fermented Chlorella,multi vitamin, apple cider vinegar tablet, evening primrose, biotin Around 6-6:30 I eat 2nd meal Homemade grass fed bone broth Either wild salmon 3oz. Or grass fed organic ground beef with organic cheese 5cups salad organic arugula spinach romaine with 2tblsp olive oil half avacado or asparagus, kale and moringa smoothie with stevia and black seed oil Right after meal 1teaspoon peanut butter with 1tablespoon coconut manna and ten stevia choc chips by Lily’s I ride my bike to work (30min), have a physical job at Whole Foods, workout with weights at gym and run 2 days a week Magnesium with collagen and BioSil at night I. Either tea or one teaspoon of cocoa

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