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By: Sarah Bowley

After several years of poor mental health from my time in the military. I gained significant weight and my injuries (including a spinal injury) were getting worse. This was all in spite of trying several dieting including rabid starvation, and the eating 8-10x per day with no meal snack over 150-200cal style dieting. All of which did not work. Over the course of 18months to 2 years I lost about 5kg. But was still over 105kg (231lbs) and approx 40% BF. After by chance, coming across your video on healthy fats I started watching your ketosis series. 2 days later, I started keto on Nov 6 2018. Within 2 weeks i had gone to a 1 meal per day ketogenic diet and lost over 8kg (17lbs) of water weight. Within 2 months I lost 15kg (33lbs) now after 4 months. I have lost an AMAZING 25kg (55lbs) and from a recent body scan am now less than 20% BF. My mental health has improved drastically allowing me to get back to everyday life and not be so reliant on medication. I have dropped from a AUS size 18-20 trousers back to a size 10-12. Also my injuries have improved to such a degree I am able to enjoy going to the gym, cycle or a walk and for short light jogs (which before caused me severe pain leaving me stuck at home unable to even walk for days). Thank you Dr Berg have changed my life!

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