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By: Miriam Esparza

After receiving what I felt was a death sentence being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes more than twenty years ago. I have spent hours on hours searching for a solution. And believe me I’ve tried everything. I dedicated myself to health and wellness. I studied and became a Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer. I watched every YouTube video , read books and listened to every podcast I could find. I would make small progress and then nothing and my ACL continued to rise. Then my Dr said something to me that made everything shift. He said “ It is very hard to lose weight or be healthy in the presence of too much Fat Storing Hormone.” Boom just like that it hit me it’s about my hormones and after that I started looking into this and found you and a few other outside the box thinking YouTubers. I have been low carb high healthy fat diet with intermittent fasting for almost 18 months and my life has changed. I’m still learning new things as I go on this journey and I’m happy to share with others. Thanks for all the incredible information you put out there. ????????

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