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After quitting smoking I really packed on the weight...

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I struggles with mental illness since 1993. I managed to keep the weight off mostly but in 2008 they doubled my psychiatric medication.

A year later I gave up cigarettes. My weight exploded. I was healthier from not smoking but at great risk of heart disease and diabetes etc. How can someone give up cigarettes and be less healthy? I was addicted to sugary drinks, ate a lot of junk food. Takeaway junk food is really cheap, burger/chips/drink for under $10. I looked terrible, smelt terrible. I had a terrible rash in my armpits that stunk. I couldn't look good in any clothes, you know the drill.

In 2017, I lost some weight and then put it all back on, my wife was scathing. And then something strange happened... My YouTube account introduced me to Dr. Berg. I didn't search for it or even know anything about it??? I watched as many videos as I could and started straight away. When I started, I was 108 Kilograms, my all-time high was 118 Kilograms.

I started in September and now in late November, I'm 93 Kilograms. My wife looks good and watches her weight but she follows Dr. Berg just as much as I do. She cooks Keto bread for me and everything. Thank you, Dr. Berg, finally someone who makes sense. For me, this lifestyle change has been easy...I'm not at my ideal weight yet, my goal is 82 Kilograms. Just an update to encourage anyone thinking of having a go...Thanks, Dr. Berg

5368 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others! Add your success story

5368 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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