After just over a year, I dropped roughly 100lbs and can actually see my abs and definition in several areas of my body with great vascularity!

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By: Jacob B.

For most of my 26 years of life, I’ve been a rather healthy individual. My father works at a family-owned, local butcher shop called Winters Meat Market in Blue Springs, MO. My father also grew up on a farm and understands the importance of home-grown, organic vegetables. At the time, I was completely oblivious to why we’d drive 1.5 hours away to care for a garden. Then come home and spend hours snapping peas, canning tomatoes, pickles, and bagging Brussel sprouts, spinach, peppers, and everything in between. It wasn’t until I had moved away did I realize just how fortunate I was. For the first time in my life, I began to eat junk. As a growing young adult, you bet I could eat...a lot. I started working a retail job where I’d get an hour break. During this time, I’d eat easily 2500 calories in fast food. I started becoming increasingly addicted to soft drinks, sugar and fried foods. Initially, I didn’t see much of a change physically. After a couple years, I was up to eating fast food twice a day and a 12 pack of soda a day. My weight skyrocketed up to 250lbs by age 24; approximately 3.5 years. I felt awful constantly. I began throwing up once a week and I had no desire to do anything beyond the minimum effort required of me. The day I decided enough was enough: McDonalds was doing their 2 for $5 promo. I could get a double quarter pounder and a Big Mac together for $5 and 2 large fries for another $5. So, I did, but not just once. Not just twice, but 4 times in a 12 hour period. I had consumed nearly 8000 calories in 12 hours not including the soft drinks. As I ate my last Big Mac, I looked down at my throbbing, bulging belly and said, “Enough is enough.” I signed up for a workout program at home and began meal prepping. Chicken, asparagus and potatoes with BBQ sauce. After a month went by, I had little to no results. I pushed on. Two months, still no results. I was absolutely frustrated. I started taking a “fat burner” pill. After the whole bottle, 0 change. It wasn’t until I found Dr. Eric Berg’s YouTube Channel did I start losing any sort of weight. I didn’t jump into keto all at once. I started small with carb cycling, adding more vegetables and a 16:8 fasting period. Finally, the scale started moving!! I changed my workout to a HIIT cardio session. Week by week I was making small changes to my nutrition, one less carb day a week, a longer fast 3 days a week to four days a week. I ended up at OMAD eating a ginormous salad with chicken, eggs, bacon...the works! (Disclaimer: ACV 30 minutes before a meal like this will save you a digestion nightmare. You’ve been warned). After just over a year, I dropped roughly 100lbs and can actually see my abs and definition in several areas of my body with great vascularity! I’m very fortunate I had the opportunity to go through this journey. Through Dr. Berg, I obtained a new found power and the deepest appreciation for my father. Currently, I am a Store Manager at GNC and I always do my best to take a nutritional/keto approach to all my recommendations. I also give your name out on a daily basis to clients who are interested in keto. As much as I’d love to get very in-depth with them, it takes more than a 15 minute conversation to become educated. I hope to see their success from you soon! Dr. Berg, Thank you for giving me the tools I needed to become confident in myself again and find greater meaning in my life and my families lives as they have began following in my footsteps. Your friend, Jacob B.

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