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By: Louana Martinez

After having my second child I allowed the carb craze to take over. I was struggling to take the weight off but still kept consuming the carbs my body desired but my appearance did not. I considered surgery, made appointments for consultations, sent photos of myself to get quotes from out of state surgeons, but- I also kept consuming the carbs that a body craves but is so toxic for. I didn’t have the thousands of dollars to do the surgery, nor did I have the courage to be put under for quite some time to remove the unwanted fat from my body. I would cut myself down, never wanted to look in the mirror because I was afraid of what I saw. I had come to terms with myself that I was going to try something different. So I dug deep into the internet and I researched so many things. How to lose weight fast. Weight loss without surgery. The list goes on and on. Finally I came upon a Facebook group talking about low carb moderate protein and high fat! ????I was taken because nowadays “they” say high fat is bad for you. Upon researching, I found YouTube videos and watched and watched and watched. (Thank You Dr Berg) Then I tried, and tried again. I continued trying everything I had learned from the videos. I made the recipes, I got and take my nutrients daily. I was pregnant in 2014 and had my son in 2015. A year after he was born I was still carrying the “baby weight”. In April 2018 is when I finally couldn’t take it anymore and my journey started. The picture to the left is May of 2016 for my grandfathers funeral, and the picture to the right was January 2019. Maybe taken last week. I have changed my way of eating, I rarely exercise, and week after week I lose inches AND pounds. I am so very proud of myself for coming this far. I don’t have a magic pill and I never have done liposuction. I do intermittent fasting and I’ve gotten strict with myself to the point where I only eat between the hours of 12-1pm to 5pm I don’t eat after 5pm I don’t drink alcohol I consume ZERO carbs (only from veggies) and these are the amazing results. I’m not promoting anything for any company and I’m not getting paid to post this. I just thought maybe it was time to share. Most people doubt me and have disregarded the information I’ve possessed and shared but if you don’t believe what you see then I don’t know how to convince you to live a healthier lifestyle. ????

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