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By: Chad Aitken

After 9 weeks I have around 200 hrs in with research and watching videos. I love the challenge of getting in the foods and vitamins that we keep updating like a better stock portfolio: I'm in the investment busienss and have a lot of analogies with health and wealth. Im alittle like Dr Berg same age, being able to explain tough concepts in finance, economics, policitcs. For example: A good based multi Vit or even Bee Pollen could be like an S @ P 500 fund with Dr Bergs kale drink as an ETF. Then deciding after Dr Bergs assessment where you want to overweight your health portfolio bc of ur condition with an individual stocks or herbs. What got me hooked is the simple video of Apple Cidar and the "Why". The diagrams and the WHY for me is what has made the connect with Dr Berg. It's so exciting bc Im not even findished with my Health Portfolio. Benefits for me so far? 1. Lower stress and nervous system. Calmer. 2. Balanced energy 3. Deep sleep. 4. Leaner 5. Skin better 6. Able to help others and spread the word! Thanks Chad Aitken

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