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After 4 months, I am 66kg. I feel so healthy..

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By: Mehmet S.

Hello, I am watching your videos from Turkey, eastern black sea region. I am a man, 40 years old,  165cm tall. In this March I was 80kg. I had high tension and easily geting tired metabolism. Then I learned ketogenic diet lifrstyle and just applied. no sugar, no snack, no wheat product, no chocolate, no juice, etc. I am making good breakfast with 1-2 eggs, cheese, tomato, cucumber, bacon, butter and our national olive. This is around 8 o'clock. I add a handful of seasonal fruit to my breakfast. Then in he evening around 18-19:00 I eat, nuts (mainly walnut and hazelnut), green salad mix with yogurt. Sometimes I eat canned salmon, dried meat etc. sometimes I make small breakfast and eat boiled beef meat, organ meat soup (they are locally traditional in Turkey) sometimes I eat liver, steak and similar meat foods, if so, next morning I eat less. i bought a bicycle 3-4times per week, I am driving 32km I 1.5,hour, this is after work day at around 16:00 - 17:00. well no after 4months, I am 66kg. tension is around 11-12 (high), 6-7(low), resting pulse is 58-66/min. I feel so healthy, so strong, totally I am now an other person. I will continue workout as rowing and swimming since here is summer. Thank you for your help.

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