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By: Deborah thornton

About 15 years ago I started experiencing severe sharp stabbing pains in my left breast that would come&go. No results from mammogram or stress tests for heart that could explain it. A woman I confided in told me that she went to a breast clinic for such pain&they recommended the evening primrose oil(1,000) by Nature's Bounty-When I took it, after 40 minutes that horrible pain went away! I've taken it every day since up to twice a day.I dont know why it worked and Im afraid to stop ! I see no ill effects from it- when I first took it it did improve my skin. I remember that years before a woman of about 30years old had mentioned she had been going to doctors to address such pains but I hadn't experienced them myself so I had no advice- I wish I had known about this primrose then -maybe it would have helped her. I love you're utube stuff and am learning alot .

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