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By: Lila

55 lb loss or 25 kilos in 8 months. Keto & IF (18/6 )except from the first 15 days that I went only IF (16/8). I go OMAD almost once a week during 4 last months too. Apart from the first 2 months that I lost 11 kilos, I lose no mre than 2.5 kilos per month and I think that I am slowi g down. I excercise 3 times per week (aqua aerobic or swimming), I sleep less than 7 hours a day, 5.5 hours at night and I try to take an extra siesta nap from 16:30- 18:00, not always with success. 54 yrs old, menopause. Lot of stress. My first meal is at 11 or 11: 3o and my 2nd at 15:30- 16::00. I would have finished by 17:00.

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