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By: Douglas

5’8” and 47 y/o. Started IF with a 16/8 plan, low carb, 1800 calorie per day on 2/7/18 @199lbs. As of this morning, I’m at 167lbs. I stopped restricting my calories and typically only eat 1 meal a day. Minimal discipline is needed. My question is: what are your thoughts on 2 to 3 day fasts? Because of my hectic work schedule, I’ve missed my eating window for the last two days. I’m currently on 51 hours of fasting, but I’m still not truly hungry. Over the Memorial Day weekend, I went on a serious binge, ice cream and carbs included. Gained around 5 pounds, but noticed how quickly it came right back off when i went back to my plan. Still curious if there are truly any benefits to multi day fasting. Thanks in advance, Dr. Berg. This video explanation of IF as it relates to Fat Storing Hormone and HGH was excellent.

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