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By: Robert

3 weeks ago I was 340 lbs. I switched to drinking water only and went directly to the 2 meal 4 hour plan here. I am now 280 lbs. There are times I feel hungry so I just eat something fatty like a slice of deli meat rolled up by itself. That is enough now to keep me going. when at the movies I celebrate with popcorn and my theater sells bottled water. I take Men's daily Multi Mineral/Multi Vitamin chewable each day to make sure my body gets what it needs. I also take vitamins A and K pills . For my two meals during four hour period, I have a normal meal, like baked Ziti, baked Chicken, sometimes eggs and bacon... or whatever, the second meal I eat an iceberg salad with grilled chicken and some french dressing. The salad seems more pleasing to me now. I plan to start adding in some cardio and light weight lifting to accelerate the burn, just joined planet fitness near my home. The hardest part about positive change in anything is the true motivation to do it. I feel much better and it is nice that I was on the last hole of my belt and now I am on the 4th hole! All of my clothes fit better and I just have more energy. Thanks for posting your videos, it is amazing how the industry manipulates us to believe we are doing the right thing, but many of those things they advocate just make us fatter.

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