Thank you! It worked for me


By: Peter Biekens

3-4 weeks into the diet and my weight has gone down from 94kg to 88kg, some of it water, some of it body/flare fat. I started off drinking less than normal and for the first 7 days never used "the throne", then remedied with 2 litres plus water a day, which cleared that problem up. I live in the UK so will not order supplement kits from the USA. Once I sorted out my needed electrolytes and yeast tabs there was no more problem with Keto Flu. This is a fabulous diet, a vast improvement on low fat, low amount, guilt trips. I cut back on some of the kale, substituting lettuce, and made tasty huge salads. My body has now adjusted to the salads. I started the diet because was alarmed at increasing dependence on stimulant drinks with high sugar/caffeine to get thecenergy to walk my dog - something was going wrong with my physiology (insulin resistance starting ?). It took less than 24 hours on the diet for my body to say of the stimulant drinks "TOO STRONG !!!". I was bowled over by the logic of the keto diet, and by Dr. Eric Berg's no time-wasting youtube presentations. Will stay on the diet indefinitely, am telling others about it and organising recipe sharing when can, and will buy more nooks and courses. Thank You, very, very much!! Peter.

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