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By: kathy powers

135 lb weight loss and still going strong. my lowest weight since the 1990's. i'm 51 years old and i have lost at least 1 to 3 lbs a week after the 1st 15 lbs of water weight loss. only 2 weeks in my journey did my weight stay the same with no loss for that week. i've lost weight almost every single week. i will say that the 1st month was very hard, and i don't want to go thru it again, but with this weight loss being so easy i'm confident i will be able to manage my weight once i reach my goal. i weighed 350 lbs and now i'm at 215 lbs. i was wearing a 4XL shirt and a 2 XL men's jogging pants (for comfort) now i'm wearing an XL regular woman clothes. i also can wear jeans again without them cutting me. i have so much energy, and all the lazyness just disappeared. i'm just like a brand new person, another thing is that i don't need to sleep in all morning. you might not want to hear this but 5 to 7 hours of sleep is all it takes and i can go all day. no need for naps. i now have 3 or 4 extra hours a day maybe more than that cause i don't sleep in until 10 am anymore. also it don't take 2 hours of coffee after i finally wake up. the Keto diet is a dream come SO TRUE!!! what more could you ask for better health and so much energy. lose weight for good. truth be told when you way 350 lbs you are in misery and what really stinks is people can be real cruel. not all but some. oh i want to mention 1 last thing. there are plenty of food options out there, you never have to suffer. there is a substitution for just about every thing. Sorry i went a bit long. i love the Keto Diet plan, love it. thank you ps. you can use my story, i just don't want to do any videos, nope sorry

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