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112 lbs lost in 10 months

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My name is John Fester and my journey started when my friend, Chad, who has been doing Dr. Berg’s keto program for more than two years, heard me make a comment. We were playing disc golf in June 2020 when I said “I hate sleeping, it’s such a waste of life. I’d rather plug myself in like a robot and charge up in 5 minutes and keep going. Eating also! The process of chewing takes too long and I’d rather eat once a day.” I was a beer drinker and ate tons of sweets, weighing in at 276 lbs at 6’1”. I had a very large gut. Blood pressure was extremely high and acid reflux problems causing me to take Prilosec daily for over 15 years (or similar other pills). My friend said “bro, I eat once a day and sleep fewer hours with more energy!” I was shocked! He never ate a snack while we played and while I ate several snacks to “keep up the energy”, he would have far more stamina than I. Immediately I was interested. In two days, after watching several of Dr. Berg’s videos on YouTube, I jumped into the deep end. I started a 10 day straight fast of pure water and electrolytes. I lost 12 lbs. I never felt better, with more energy and my blood pressure started to level out. So I started complete keto with intermittent fasting every day, purchased the supplements from Dr. Berg and apple cider vinegar every morning. I immediately stopped drinking alcohol of all types (and have been dry since) also stopped taking Prilosec after seeing his video about it and what it truly does to us. Within two months, only I was able to stop taking my blood pressure medicine and since then my blood pressure has been perfect! 10 months later, I have lost 112 lbs, weighing at 167 lbs and down from a size 46 pants to a 32, sleep better than ever, and can keep up playing disc golf with my friend ALL day long. I continue with keto and intermittent fasting and every month I fast 10 consecutive days, but can only thank Dr. Berg for putting all this information out there for us all to see it for free, and to my friend Chad for introducing me to it and being my coach along my journey. I now lead two others on their journey with keto and intermittent fasting towards a healthier life. Thank you!!

4727 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others! Add your success story

4727 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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