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Dr. Berg’s Healthy
Keto & Intermittent Fasting Membership

Weight loss expert, Dr. Berg, reveals his advanced fat burning secrets in 200+ videos you WON’T see on YouTube or anywhere else... proven by thousands of amazing success stories from people whose weight wouldn’t budge... all when you join the 1,998+ (and growing) members of Dr. Berg’s exclusive membership site!

Over 200+ Video Lessons

Get Yourself Healthy & Looking Great Now!

Learn for yourself how to get healthy and lose weight the correct way. Dr. Berg will take you by the hand and guide you step by step through the process. You’ll learn the details, how-to of every aspect of getting your body in amazing shape!

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Over 170 Video Lessons
Get Yourself Healthy & Looking Great Now!

Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto & IF Membership IS the most comprehensive program for healthy weight loss.

  • Dr. Berg The Knowledge DocTM Doc teaches you all of his secrets and advanced strategies and techniques to get your body and your health back to where it needs to be. These techniques are the end result of over 27 years of research and will take your health to the next level.

  • The information is delivered in an easy to digest and go at your own pace format.

  • Simply watch the video that applies to your specific situation and implement the step-by-step procedures.

  • There will be additional amazing recipes, case studies of situations just like yours. We are constantly updating and adding new things to the portal to ensure you really win this time!

lose weight



In this first category, called One Thing at a Time, Dr. Berg walks you through step- by-step exactly what to eat, do and not do.

Take time to fully digest the information and implement actions at your own pace one at a time. You’ll learn both what to do and why to do it.

basic module
barriers module


In this step, you will learn the Barriers and Solutions. Each person has their own weaknesses and areas they can improve on.

Whether you are a late night snacker or a seem to go off the plan at social events – we will teach you powerful tips on overcoming any obstacles.


As you progress, add Dr. Berg’s amazing delicious Substitute Food Recipe to your meals to ensure you stick to it long term.

People give up due to going off the plan and eating the wrong things. In this program you will simply add “almost” identical pleasure foods but without the unhealthy ingredients.

healthy pleasure food module
body conditions module


It’s at this time that you watch the Body Condition series of videos. Apply the techniques and remedies that pertain to your body.

These videos are designed to help increase vitality, energy levels, reduce stress and tweak any non-optimum problem. How are you going to lose and maintain a healthy weight if you are tired, stressed and bloated?


At this step, you will get to the Case Study section where Dr. Berg demonstrates real examples of cases similar to yours. The goal is to learn tips and get advice that you can use on your body. This section allows you to see Dr. Berg in action and how he evaluates.

These client stories are both amazing and totally 100% real!

case studies module
advance techniques module


After 30 days on the program, you’ll get access to the Advanced Techniques & Exercise sections. This is where you really take your body to the next level and learn how to use acupressure for your body type and a lot more.

There is also a section called Extra, where you can get additional data, downloads and a ton more.

it's educate not medicate
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Annual Plan


Billed $216 Annually


Save 50% on our annual plan

Monthly Plan


Billed Monthly



Q. What is different between your program and other ketogenic diet programs?

My ketogenic eating plan is altered to ensure you get most of your required nutrients thus making it healthier. I also add two additional strategies: intermittent fasting and the body types giving you the unfair advantage against a slow metabolism and just general aging.

Q. What if it does not work?

What if it does? The odds of it working for you are as high as you apply the information. You have 30 days to get a full 100% refund – no questions asked. We don’t want people to be unhappy. Chances are you are going to be blown away at the result and the high level of content in this program.

Q. If I go month to month, can I upgrade later?

No. But you could cancel out your membership within the month and re-sign up as the year membership. Many people go year to year because of the incredible savings. This is your real health insurance. I recommend looking at it as an investment into your future health. Knowledge is power…but only if you have the correct knowledge.

Q. Why is this program so inexpensive?

I know – I should probably increase the fees and I probably will soon. I wanted to make it a no brainer to jump in and not have to be stressed out with a huge expense. And because you will be including intermittent fasting, your food bill will drop significantly saving between $300-$600 per month, way more than this program costs.

Q. What kind of results can I expect?

This is an interesting question because – everything is do-it-yourself. I was not sure at first this was going to work, however, I was amazed at the results people are getting. Just read the comments once inside. Everyone is winning like crazy. It aligns with my purpose of helping others help themselves. This puts you at the cause point over your health rather than be dependent external factors. Why not give you the knowledge.

Q. Are the videos in this program also on YouTube?

Most of the videos in this program, over 90% are NOT on YouTube. They are created ONLY for this program. YouTube is mainly to get you started, but this program is to fully complete your healthy body.

Q. What made you create this membership site?

I don’t want people to depend on me for their health information for ever. It’s must more important to teach people to do-it-themselves. This has been the problem in healthcare. The doctor doesn’t teach you, but instead keeps the body very mysterious and only if you go to medical school can you know about your body.

Q. What is so unique about this program compared to other programs out there?

Other programs many times have a community chat session, where the blind are leading the blind. This opens up so many opinions, which may or may not work. My program comes from me, showing you exactly what to do – simple; follow it and see the results. I spent a lot of time creating the exact videos at the right level for someone to digest easily and implement without all the fluff. Everything is in an exact sequence starting with basics progressing to more advanced data.

Q. Are the changes I will have to make difficult?

No, you will make the changes at your own pace. You can go as fast or as slow as you want. The key is also learning the why behind the what to do. This really helps implementation.

Q. How long will it take to go through all the information?

There is a lot of information in this program. However, it amazed me that some people go flat out and they are done in 2 days. But if you spend a little time each night watching a few short videos, it could take several weeks to get through it. However, the advance data is released after 30 days. Many people want to go back and re-watch things and review specific points over the periods of months.

Q. Why is part of the program released after 30 days?

Because I wanted to really make sure you digested the basics for at least 1 month before diving into the advanced data. The tendency for some people to go right to the advanced information before the basics can then overwhelm them. We want to prevent confusion and build on basics.


Membership Details

Module 1: One Thing At A Time

  • Introduction – One Thing at a Time
  • The BIG Confusion Clarified
  • The Quick Overview
  • Breakfast Alternatives
  • Hidden Weight Gainers
  • What is Fat Storing Hormone?
  • What is Fat Storing Hormone Resistance (Part 1)
  • What is Fat Storing Hormone Resistance (Part 2)
  • How to Fix Your Set Point & Raise
  • Your Metabolism
  • Breakfast or Not?
  • Foundational Proteins
  • The Secret of Ridding Cravings
  • Substitute Pleasure Foods
  • The Most Common Missing Step
  • Vegetables & Bloating
  • Why Increasing Your Fat Is Good
  • How Can You Eat Fat & Not Get Fat?
  • Foods that give you the most nutrients
  • Organic, Wild Caught, Hormone Free?
  • Reading labels
  • Sweeteners
  • Do Calories Matter?
  • Should I eat 3 or 5 Meals Per Day?
  • The Water Myth
  • What to Drink?
  • Alternative Soda

Module 2: Barrier Situations

  • Introduction to Situation Barriers
  • Stress Eating
  • Fixing the wrong problem
  • Cravings & Hunger
  • Boredom
  • Social Situations
  • What to do When Nothing is Working
  • Body Conditions that Stop Weight Loss
  • Reward Foods
  • Eating Everything On Your Plate
  • Never Satisfied with Eating
  • What to do if you Get Discouraged
  • How to Lose the Most Fat Possible
  • How to Speed Things Up
  • I am Fatigued Burning Fat
  • I have more Anxiety on the Program
  • Excessive Dreaming or Nightmares
  • I am more Constipated
  • I am Getting More Brain Fog on the Plan
  • Problems with Vegetarianism
  • Problem with Meat Eaters
  • What is the Most Weight You can Lose
  • I am a Mixed Body Type – What Do I Do?
  • What If I Mess Up?

Module 3: Substitute Pleasure Foods

  • Introduction to Healthy Pleasure Foods
  • English Muffins
  • Amazing Bread (No Grain)
  • Almond Joy Treat
  • Almond Fudge
  • Healthy Pizza
  • Peanut Butter Cups (no-sugar)
  • Keto Bombs
  • Almond Pancakes
  • Healthy Ice Cream
  • Alcohol Alternative
  • Comfort Cookies

Module 4: Body Problems Solved

  • Introduction to Body Problems Solved
  • Evaluation – the Missing Link
  • Debugging Weight Loss
  • Using Nutrition as a Tool
  • The Big Overview of Stubborn Weight Evaluation
  • Evaluation Software
  • Fatigue
  • How to Sleep Off your Fat
  • Sleep
  • Stress Technique
  • Digestion
  • Bloating
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Shoulder Tension (Part 1)
  • Shoulder Tension (Part 2)
  • Shoulder Tension (Part 3)
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Menstrual Cycle
  • Estrogen & The Cycle
  • Hot Flashes
  • Clogged Arteries Myth
  • Calcium Myths
  • Sinus Congestion
  • Pain (Part 1)
  • Pain (Part 2)
  • Knee Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Low back pain (Part 1)
  • Low back pain (Part 2)
  • Low back pain (Part 3)
  • Low back pain (Part 4)
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Mood
  • Cruciferous Food & Iodine
  • Thyroid Nutrition
  • Thyroid & Your Cycle
  • Urinary Bladder
  • You are as healthy as your liver
  • Low Vitamin B1
  • Body Problems Introduction
  • How Food Effects Emotions & Mood
  • Colon Health, IBS & Constipation

Module 5: Real Life Case Studies

  • Introduction to Real Life Case Studies
  • Constipation
  • Sleep
  • Hot Flashes
  • Lost 4 Pounds in 1 Week
  • Case Study Introduction
  • Blood Sugars

Module 6: Advanced Techniques (Released after 30 Days)

  • Introduction to Advanced Techniques
  • Adrenal Basics
  • Lowering Cortisol
  • Adrenal Technique 1
  • Advanced Procedure Explanation
  • Advanced Procedure Treatment
  • Adrenal Technique 2
  • Thyroid Basics
  • Thyroid Technique 1
  • Thyroid Technique 2
  • Ovary Basics
  • Ovary Technique
  • Liver/Gallbladder Basics
  • Gallbladder/Pancreas Acupressure
  • Body Type Relationships
  • Removing Old Stress & Injury (Part 1)

Module 7: Exercise (Released After 30 Days)

  • Exercise Basics
  • Exercise Recovery
  • Exercise Formula
  • Exercise for Adrenal Body Type
  • Exercise Pattern
  • Exercise for Toning (Examples)
  • Standing Situps
  • Squat, Jump, Left & Right (Toning)
  • Squat Jump (Toning)
  • Situp Scissors (Toning)
  • Pushup Hold Position
  • Toning Standing Reverse Situps
  • Pick Up Stuff (Toning)
  • Leg Toning
  • Exercise for Fat Burning
  • Skiing (Fat Burning)
  • Running Against the Wall
  • Lateral Skiing
  • Rope-Less Jump Rope (Toning)
  • Key Point to Burn More Fat


  • Evaluation Software
  • 2 Things to Focus On
  • The Exercise to Increase Testosterone
  • The Adrenal Body Type Plan
  • Downloads - & Stuff


  • You’re about to learn the basic step-by-step method of getting your body back into the best shape it has been in years!
  • Each lesson will take you by the hand and give you simple doable steps that will make it easy to implement and take action.
  • Find out how to burn fat the healthy way. You will learn the latest strategies to get healthy, lose weight and keep it off.
  • After implementing the basics, you are now able to handle any social situation that may pop up and stop you. Dr. Berg has developed easy handlings to overcoming social events temptation, junk foods at parties, stress eating or even slow progress!
  • You will be given tools and tips that really work to ensure you stick to your healthy lifestyle plan and develop better habits.
  • Instead of giving up the pleasure foods you enjoy, Dr. Berg will give you amazing substitute recipes making sure you always have a backup plan. Yes, you will still be able to eat chocolate, cookies, treats and even English muffins – but... with tweaked ingredients!
  • In the next module, you will learn how to fix your own body. Listed is a series of videos lessons addressing your specific body weakness and the exact steps of resolving it. Getting healthy includes NOT having any body problems – and then letting your weight come off as a natural effect of having a healthy body.
  • You’ll find out the best way to handle cognitive issues, digestion conditions and pain syndromes as well as problems with the menstrual cycle and even getting up at night to urinate too frequently.
  • You will be give many examples of what Dr. Berg recommends on other cases similar to yours and learn from the mistakes of others. Dr. Berg explains in detail how he resolves cases, which will be a great learning tool for you.
  • After 30 days on the program you will be given access to the Advanced Module. This will blow you away! Learn Dr. Berg’s techniques to help balance your hormone system, targeting your body type.
  • You will have access to the Extras Module which has tons of downloads on eating plans, explanations of body type and summaries of Dr. Berg’s webinars.
  • After 30 days, you’ll get access to the Exercise Module, where you will learn the correct way to exercise, the correct frequency and pattern for your situation. Dr. Berg even gives you many examples of both toning exercises and fat burning exercises. Learn the exercise formula to ensure you get the maximum benefit.
  • You will receive a very cool bonus which will be access to Dr. Berg’s Advanced Evaluation Software. Each month you will be allowed to receive access to Dr. Berg’s in-depth evaluation testing which is designed to give insights to how your body works.
  • This evaluation tool uses a deep and complex algorithm that Dr. Berg designed himself. The logic behind this assessment analyzes your symptoms. Each month you can do this quiz and get a report of your progress.
  • The 104 questions will extract all sorts of information in the assessment. Use this as a learning tool to understand your body.
  • This software cuts through the confusion and will give you triggers of symptoms.
evaluation software access evaluation software access
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Annual Plan


Billed $216 Annually


Save 50% on our annual plan

Monthly Plan


Billed Monthly



amazing success stories

"Dear Dr. Berg, thank you so much for creating this portal. It is truly amazing and I look forward to the journey. Just started and I am loving it. THANK YOU so much once again. "


"First of all, THANK YOU!!, my fiancée and I finally found an eating lifestyle we can both follow -AND- enjoy!!! "


"Dr. Berg, you are an Angel walking on this earth! Thank you so much for all your wisdom and studies to support all of us in healing our bodies! I am married to a General Surgeon, so you can imagine my struggles. But I always preferred holistic approaches and feel so blessed I 've found you! Looking forward to watching all your videos and learning more from you! God Bless you!"


"Thank you for everything you've done for me and my family. I have lost 40+ pounds. Together we have lost over 150 pounds. You have given us so many tools to help us through this process. Now, I want to thank you again. "


"Dr. Berg - The content in this site is amazing - from the videos to the recipes and the meal planner. All I did today was watch as many videos as I could, get up and stretch and come back for more. I feel like I finally have a solution. I love how you seem to have addressed every question that has ever come up from a patient. I know I had a few questions and sure enough - the answers are here. I have hope now. I cannot thank you enough for that. I look forward to this journey! "


"Thank you so much. I have to tell you I feel like I have found the Holy Grail. I have been in search of real health and weight loss for over 20 years. I have studied much about health but you have hit the nail on the head. Most people tend to focus on one area and exclude others but you have brought it all together. Just 2 weeks in and my life has changed. I am down 10+ pounds I feel more energy, I feel stronger, my mind is clearer I have a higher stress tolerance which means. My house is cleaner my kids are happier and I am happier. "


"I 'm loving the K2! My teeth feel polished and all sensitivities in my teeth are gone! Also my blood pressure is almost normal again - following these guidelines. I am happy that my local store carries the MK-7. Thanks so much for all this info! Interestingly - I've always tested low cholesterol and get praised by the doctor - but would it stand to reason that your body uses a lot to make cortisol - which has been a problem? Thanks again! "


"Just a quick note to share my experience with your diet recommendation. I followed your recommendations. Despite not being diagnosed with diabetes, however because diabetes runs in my family, I check my glucose levels regularly. Most mornings, my readings are usually between 120-140 (a bit high). Since I have been on the eating plan, I have not had a reading above 93! Thank you!!! "

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money back guarantee

Above all else, your satisfaction is what's most important to me. If you, for even a minute, don't feel like I’ve given you the value I promised in this Healthy Keto & Intermittent Fasting Exclusive Membership Program, or you are not thrilled with your results from it, I’ll give you a full refund for 30 days. This means you have 30 days to try the program free of risk.

I can confidently give you that guarantee because this program has an amazing history of results. The success stories keep coming in and soon yours will too.

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Annual Plan


Billed $216 Annually


Save 50% on our annual plan

Monthly Plan


Billed Monthly